Your scene is set: your resource efficiency project plan is ready, your team has the capacity to build resource efficiency actions into their day to day workloads, and the consequent benefits and cost savings for your company will be huge.

Your last hurdle?

Gaining the support of your C-Suite.

Without the buy-in of your senior team, your project won't have approval or budget. Without approval and budget, your project has no future.

So, what is important to your C-Suite? What do they need to hear from you about your project before they help you to move it forward? 

Last week, we joined Olivia Whitlam, Head of Sustainability at Siemens and Martin Chilcott, Chairman of Manufacture 2030 to explore:

  • Why engaging your C-Suite is fundamental to the success of your resource efficiency project;
  • How to go about gaining the support of your C-Suite - what do they need to hear from you before they can help you move forwards and where should you start?
  • What Olivia Whitlam has learned from her extensive experience of senior team engagement at Siemens.

You can listen to the full recording of the session, including the final Q&A session and slide deck, below!

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