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Our Mission and History

Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Since 2008, our team has pioneered new ways to spread sustainable practices across
global supply chains to support our clients’ sustainability ambitions and to cut carbon to prevent climate change.

What drives us?

The name Manufacture 2030 was specifically chosen in line with the Sustainable Development Goals intended to be achieved by 2030 - defined as ‘the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’.

Climate change is the greatest threat of our time. Our collective and collaborative actions now will define which path we take.

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Our Timeline


2degrees launches the world's first collaborative sustainable business community online.


Tesco approach 2degrees to help them engage their top 1,000 suppliers to meet help them meet their carbon reduction commitment in the products they sell by 2020. The Tesco Knowledge Hub is launched.


Asda-Walmart food and drink suppliers join the 2degrees platform as part of the retailer's drive to reduce upstream carbon, water and waste.


GSK, the Co-op and Unilever join the 2degrees platform to engage their suppliers on sustainability. The 2degrees team starts to consolidate the lessons learnt from these programmes to develop its core approach.


Manufacture 2030 software as a service is launched with a mission to bring major corporations and their supply chain partners together to turn bold carbon commitments into reality, creating a more sustainable future by 2030.


Interface launch pilot schemes with Manufacture 2030.


Asda-Walmart and Co-op and 800 suppliers move on to the Manufacture 2030 platform.

Toyota North America and Reckitt launch programs with their suppliers; Bayer brings 140+ of its manufacturing plants on to the platform.


Manufacture 2030 becomes ISO27001 certified.

Roche launches its global supplier program; the number of supplier sites using the Manufacture 2030 platform accelerates past 2,000.

GSK Clinical Health and Pharma; Morrisons and a leading automotive business join Manufacture 2030.

Manufacture 2030 named in ProcureTech100.

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