We have some exciting news to share…

Manufacture 2030 has taken a hugely important step forwards.

What’s happening and why?

Our mission is to help manufacturing companies halve their resource use by 2030 as part of the fight against dangerous climate change, while making them more efficient and competitive. To do this, we need our content to reach as many people across industries as possible – and this cannot happen in a closed Community.

So, this April, the M2030 Community Platform will be migrating to an open, free-to-access online space called the Hive. The main difference between these two spaces is the fact that the Hive doesn’t require a login, so content can be viewed by anyone. This means that all of the content published in The Hive can be shared more widely and have a far greater impact.

The Hive will be a sleek, streamlined new content space which allows our message around the importance of sustainable manufacturing to reach more people. This is the way forward.

What actually is the Hive?

Besides being the aforementioned sleek, streamlined content space, this Hive is the go-to location for news, insight and inspiration on sustainable manufacturing and its related subjects.

Curated by the team at Manufacture 2030 and supported by our global network of partners, the Hive is packed with original and engaging content to keep you inspired.

The Hive is a free to access content hub providing: 

•      Webinars with industry leading guest speakers;

•      Blog posts to challenge traditional thinking;

•      Research reports and insight papers to upskill and de-bug;

•      Video interviews with the movers, shakers and trend setters;

•      News, updates and thought leadership.

What is happening to the content in the M2030 Community?

The most obvious change involved in the shift from M2030 Community to the Hive is the change from a private, closed space to a public one. This does not, however, mean that all content published to date inside the M2030 Community will now be made public. This is not the case – don’t worry!

We are going to be migrating content from the Community to the Hive – with the exception of any sensitive conversations or questions which contain information that cannot be shared in a public space. 

While the open nature of the Hive means that we won’t be hosting sensitive, company-specific questions going forwards, the knowledge and insight published there will naturally spark conversation and collaboration between readers. You’ll have the freedom to share and comment on content, spread the word far and wide and kick-start your ideas in whatever on or offline spaces you choose!

So what do I need to do next?

Even more good news: you don’t need to do anything - except take a look around your shiny new content space, of course!

The Hive is now up and running, so you’ll continue to receive your fortnightly round-up of our latest content via email as you did as an M2030 Community member.

Get in touch

Thank you for your support and contributions to the M2030 Community – we couldn’t make change happen without you. If you have any questions about any of the above information, please do get in touch by emailing emilydevine@manufacture2030.com.

The Hive is our next, very important step on the road to building a sustainable future for the manufacturing industry at scale.