2degrees, a leading technology company specializing in resource efficiency software solutions, today announces that worldwide commercial flooring company and global sustainability leader, Interface, is partnering with its Manufacture 2030 platform.

The move follows a commitment from Interface to engage industry on tackling global warming – the biggest problem facing humanity – through its Climate Take Back mission. As part of this pledge, the partnership will see Interface connect with peer manufacturers and expert partners via the Manufacture 2030 Community. Interface will bring more than 20 years of experience reducing its own environmental impact to Manufacture 2030, and will share best practices with other manufacturers as part of the collaboration. Interface’s suppliers will also benefit by building their knowledge through the free webinars and content available, providing them with inspiration on resource efficiency topics.

“For over 20 years we have been on a mission to get to zero negative environmental impact by 2020, our Mission Zero. We’ve learned a lot and look forward to collaborating and exchanging insights with members of the M2030 Community, particularly as we endeavour to drive more sustainable practices throughout our supply chain via the M2030 bee.”

– Erin Meezan, Chief Sustainability Officer

In addition to the Community benefits, Interface will provide a group of its key suppliers with access to the M2030 bee, a unique, cloud-based tool that makes it simpler for manufacturers to improve the resource efficiency of their operations.

The M2030 bee will be used to help Interface’s manufacturing suppliers overcome the challenges associated with improving resource efficiency. These include; gaps in knowledge and capability, risk aversion and cultural resistance, a lack of finance, targets and accountability and the need to manage numerous small projects across multiple sites.

“Interface is one of the leading companies forging ahead with sustainable innovation in manufacturing, so to have such an established and successful business use our technology is fantastic. This cutting-edge attitude to resource efficiency is underpinned by their willingness to share knowledge and collaborate with other manufacturing brands.”

– Martin Chilcott, Founder and CEO of 2degrees