From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow and from one ambitious idea we have the power to change an industry. Manufacture 2030 was born from the idea that through collaboration, knowledge sharing and inspiration we have the ability to bring retailers, brands and manufacturers together to tackle sustainability issues at scale. 

The Manufacture 2030 Platform now hosts nearly 800 professionals, representing more than 200 companies, spanning sectors as diverse as food and drink, textiles and pharmaceuticals.

Collaborating on Waste:

From out-graded fruit finding a new home as part of a juice supply chain to a potato supplier finding inspiration from a farmer diversifying into vodka production, the M2030 Platform is demonstrating how waste can be avoided. 

Members are able to receive recommendations from their peers, for example the English seafood supplier vouching for a waste treatment specialist to a Scottish cheese manufacturer around their shared issue of water effluent.   However, it is cross-sector collaboration which is where Manufacture 2030 really comes into its own. 

Collaborating on Energy:

The Manufacture 2030 platform also allows members to showcase their success stories, sharing personal insights and being on hand to answer any questions from the community. A packaging company shared how its investment in cooling towers now saves them £120,000 per year; a ready meals company has given their reasons for installing a voltage optimisation system and why they are expecting a 25 month ROI; a Dutch chocolatier and a British cider maker were able to swap their experience implementing an innovative river-based condensate system.      

M2030 bee trialled and launched:

Similar success was also made during the trial of the M2030 bee tool. Now live and available to demo, companies involved in the trial identified up to 6.7% energy saving per site after just one use of the tool, with savings equating to between £20,000 and £500,000.

Sign-up for a demo of the M2030 bee here.

Emerging Trends:

Although our members are as diverse as the questions being asked on the platform, with professionals from sustainability to engineering, auditing and marketing, it is possible to spot emerging trends of particular interest to the community. Legislation, refrigeration/chilling and heat generation are all popular topics, but so too are behaviour change and demand side response, areas which we are finding more content to support and helping to build further understanding within the sector.

What's next

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