Manufacture 2030 is a software platform on a mission to halve resource use in global manufacturing by 2030. We’ve built a unique cloud-based tool called M2030 bee that helps manufacturers use less energy, water and materials, cutting operational costs and environmental impacts.

The challenge:

The manufacturing sector and its 17m factories generates 36% of global carbon emissions. The resource efficiency of these factories varies enormously.

Leading manufacturers are outperforming their peers on resource efficiency by 6% every year.

Most factories don’t have the capacity, knowledge, or tools to manage the hundreds of small actions needed to improve, and hiring consultants is just too expensive.

So significant damage is done to the environment, while billions of dollars are wasted.

The Software as a solution:

Our mission has always been clear; to build software solutions that help global manufacturers use less energy, water and material – to become more resource efficient. To achieve our mission, we realised resource efficiency needed to be made a lot easier and simpler.

M2030 bee was developed to solve this problem. The easy-to-use software tool makes it simpler for manufacturers to improve the resource efficiency of their operations, increasing profits by cutting costs and environmental impacts.

Resource efficiency. Made simple.

Why 2030? 

Because we’ve aligned our mission with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals which aim to transform the world by the year 2030. We want our product to be part of that journey.

Why bee? 

Simple. Because bees are experts at saving time and energy by sharing routes with each other to find the best sources of nectar. M2030 bee brings these principles to life for people working in manufacturing sites.