For operational managers in manufacturing companies who need to improve resource efficiency, product quality and become more sustainable.

  • A quick and affordable way to identify and prioritise targeted cost-saving opportunities
  • Access the know-how and experience of your peers to continuously improve site performance
  • Combine performance data with targeted peer-advice and best practice to drive action

As a manufacturer, you have two ways to improve your resource efficiency through Manufacture 2030 - by connecting with like-minded peers in the Waste, Energy and Water best practice hubs and by subscribing to the M2030 bee Tool.

Waste, Energy & Water Hubs

Expertly facilitated collaboration hubs to help operational managers from different supply-chains share their best practice, case studies and experience, and make the most of their collective knowledge to cut costs, impacts and risks.

M2030 bee Tool

Building on your own processes, the M2030 bee Tool makes it quick, easy and affordable for operational managers to find, prioritize and act on the know-how they need to help them cut costs, risks and impacts in their factory operations.

Achieving manufacturing excellence with the M2030 bee Tool

If you’d like to enquire about joining Manufacture 2030, please contact:

Oliver Hurrey

+44 (0)1865 597640
+44 (0)7585 906123