We’re on a mission to more than halve the resources used in global manufacturing by 2030, bringing brands, retailers and manufacturing suppliers together to cut costs, risks and environmental impacts.

Energy, water and waste efficiency is now critical to business performance.

Cost: Increasing competition and rising input costs drive a greater focus on operational efficiency.

Reputation: Customers increasingly prefer products and suppliers with lower environmental impact.

Leading manufacturers are outperforming their peers on resource efficiency by 6% every year*.

We enable global manufacturing to close this performance gap.

*Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge.

M2030 BEE

Resource efficiency. Made simple.

M2030 bee is the digital platform that will transform the resource efficiency of your manufacturing operations. For individual manufacturing sites, and for those managing many sites, M2030 bee enables you to accelerate progress, and deliver higher performance.

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Explore. Learn. Connect.

The online community that brings manufacturing practitioners together in a non-competitive space to explore the latest trends in resource efficient manufacturing.

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