With dangerous climate change firmly positioned as the greatest threat of our time, and manufacturing companies producing 36% of global carbon emissions, the importance of improved resource efficiency across industries is unquestionable. 

However, ‘improved resource efficiency’ is an incredibly broad statement. At what rate do manufacturers need to improve by each year? How fast are the best-in-class improving and how are they doing it? Should your company set targets and what should they be? 

Yesterday, Manufacture 2030 was joined by Professor Steve Evans from the University of Cambridge, Kevin Butt from Toyota Motor Engineering North America and Manufacture 2030's Managing Director Richard Taylor to explore:

  • What a sustainable rate of resource efficiency improvement looks like for manufacturers;
  • How Toyota worked towards achieving a best-in-class rate of resource efficiency improvement, and
  • How to go about setting targets and achieving the level of engagement necessary to drive change at your company.

You can listen to the full recording, including slides and the final Q&A session, here:

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