Last week, Manufacture 2030, Interface and Stanley Black & Decker joined forces for a webinar to explore corporate resource efficiency goals, SDG ambitions and different methods for driving tangible change from the factory floor upwards.

What was covered?

Led by Erin Meezan from Interface and Gretchen Hancock from Stanley Black & Decker, this session explored:

- Corporate resource efficiency goals, ambitions around the SDGs for 2030 and accompanying strategies;

- How to hold members of operational staff to account and engage with them to achieve these goals;

- Ways of breaking down goals per manufacturing facility to drive tangible change on the factory floor. 

Question time

The speakers' presentations were followed by a great Q&A session; here's a taster of some of the questions that were asked:

1. For small companies without the capital, time or staff available to make large resource efficiency investments, what are the best ways to make progress in this area?

2. It would be great to hear about Stanley Black and Decker's Scope 3 Target and how they're hoping to achieve this - could you tell us more?

3. When trying to make individual or company-level changes, do you think that a carrot or stick approach works better - e.g. offering rewards or taking them away?

4. Have you come across any particularly effective colleague engagement strategies to get all members of your business on board with your plans?

Find out our speakers' answers to these questions by accessing the recording and accompanying slides below!

To find out more about Manufacture 2030 and how M2030 bee can help to improve the resource efficiency of your operations, email for further information or to request a demo. 

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