With cost reduction now front of mind for many manufacturers, focus on water efficiency actions is becoming increasingly important. Luckily our latest webinar on Manufacture 2030 discusses just that.

This webinar was part of a new partnership between Manufacture 2030 and Waterscan to develop water efficiency actions for the M2030 bee, the first release of which have just gone live with more to follow soon! 

Speaking was a highly engaging panel of experts, comprising of Claire Yeates - Director at Waterscan, Chris White - Energy Manager at Marston’s and Wayne Boden - Senior Environment Manager GB at Coca-Cola European Partners, all of whom provided insight into improving water efficiency, as well as some of the barriers that can come with implementing change. 

Current problems
Claire, Chris and Wayne kicked off the presentation with the challenge of making a business case for self-supply. In an engaging and open discussion, all three agreed that while set up of new systems is tough, it is far from impossible. Issues surrounding buy-in, putting together the right team, avoiding impact on manufacturing operations, and nervousness around water recycling are all highlighted, as is how far these problems apply to smaller manufacturers. For Claire, small-scale users can also benefit from a self-supply system as each site is specific, therefore costs are relative and depend on individual set-up. 

Streamline your business plan
Overcoming these hurdles largely requires a focus on colleague education, and ensuring that the benefits of implementing water efficiency actions are proven and demonstrated, accompanied by accurate data. As Claire points out in the discussion, there is no hard and fast rule for implementing self-supply and the process is constantly changing. As an example, Wayne highlights how collaboration and partnership with suppliers is key, and Coca-Cola’s work with East Anglia sugar suppliers demonstrates how partnership with farmers can lead to conservation and water efficiency programs, improving yield with less water consumption.

Make a splash!
Three key pieces of advice emerge for businesses setting targets on water reduction:

  • Know your consumption! Having data is crucial, and understanding usage across your portfolio helps point out the areas with the greatest potential for improvement.
  • Make sure data is accurate and validated – this ensures you know what you should and shouldn’t be billed for…
  • Have an overall strategy and a goal on what you want to deliver. It won’t be possible to implement the same process at each site, so have an overarching strategy with local solutions.

With these tips from our expert panel combined with right ideas and right commitment, the transition to increased water efficiency can go swimmingly… 

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