M2030 bee is an online service that makes it easy to investigate, prioritise and execute energy efficiency actions within your manufacturing operations. Spend less time and make more progress. Be more Bee.

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What’s stopping you reducing energy use at your manufacturing sites?

  • The time it takes to stay on top of good practice & technologies when you’ve got a plant to run
  • Engaging the right colleagues across the business
  • Making a solid business case for budget
  • Dealing with the numerous sales people all offering the best solutions to help you…

Sound familiar?

Introducing the M2030 bee – the newest member of your team.

Here’s how your worker bee will make energy efficiency easy for you:

  • Quickly compare and contrast energy saving projects, from multiple industries, accessing existing and emerging good practice and technology appraisals.
  • Get real tips, advice and hard learnt lessons on the projects you want to progress, from fellow practitioners based in manufacturing facilities across the globe.
  • Make a water-tight business case by showing clear return-on-investment figures, but also the side benefits to a project, the opportunity costs, and the risks.
  • Get your colleagues onside by knowing what questions to ask, and being able to show them your progress using the clear action plan dashboard.

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