M2030 bee is the digital platform that will transform the resource efficiency of your manufacturing operations. For individual manufacturing sites, and for those managing many sites, M2030 bee enables you to accelerate progress, and deliver higher performance.

Each year the ability of leading manufactures to win on cost and environmental performance gets stronger and stronger. 

But making significant progress on resource efficiency hasn't been easy, until now…

Introducing M2030 bee. Resource efficiency. Made Simple.

M2030 bee enables your manufacturing sites to:

Prioritise Impact

Overcome uncertainty about which efficiency gains to prioritise for each site. M2030 bee provides your teams with the data and experience that they need to make good decisions. And it’s easy to integrate with your existing playbooks if desired.

Unlock Progress 

Remove blockages to progress with access to tips, advice and case studies. M2030 bee helps your operational teams build site specific business cases, empowering them to act quickly, and with confidence.

Manage Effectively 

Unlock the ability for busy teams to manage and report on large numbers of improvement opportunities. M2030 bee allows site managers to assign actions to their teams, and track progress towards targets.

M2030 bee helps drive performance across multiple sites:

Drive Consistency 

Driving consistency and getting all sites to perform like the best isn’t easy. M2030 bee provides you with an effortless way to monitor progress towards overall goals and understand which sites require targeted support.

Leverage Expertise 

Your most experienced staff are always in demand. M2030 bee saves the time of your star performers; enabling your teams to learn from each other, as well as their peers in other companies and sectors.

Deliver Change 

Delivering rapid change using home-grown systems and spreadsheets is hard work. M2030 bee is so easy and intuitive that your teams will want to use it, rather than seeing it as just another tool that gets in the way.

M2030 bee by numbers


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